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Curbside Recycling


Recycle Often and Recycle Right

Visit Cuyahoga County's website to see the Village of Highland Hills Page:
Keep It Simple – What to Recycle

Simple Recycling - soft goods

The Village of Highland Hills and Simple Recycling make available a new way to recycle your clothing, shoes, accessories, linens and other household discards such as kitchenware, tools, toys, homegoods and books. Anything one person can pick up. Green bags are provided to residents. Whenever you use the Simple Recycling Collection bags, the collecting driver will leave another bag for you. If you need more bags between pick-ups, call Jane Pierce - Village Hall 216-283-3000. Leave the green bags curbside on the same day you place out your recycling for collection.

For more INFO on how to bring soft recycling to your community, contact Bill Wilks in Cuyahoga and Summit County and in your neck of the woods.

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) - Simple what & how to recycle

Twice a year, residents may participate in round ups for oil-based paints, pesticides, etc. NO LATEX PAINTS). Watch for dates. Oil based Paint: Pour into one can. When empty, cans are dry, put with regular trash. Latex Paint: Dry out and put with regular trash. To dry out, mix with sawdust or kitty litter. Call Service Department for questions about hazardous waste 216-662-5014.

Scrap Tire Round Up

Usually, in September, residents will be informed about scrap tire round ups. Watch for dates. (TIRES ON RIM NOT ACCEPTED).